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Life is better in flip flops, they say. Now is it? Holidays are coming, all the kids are done with school. Hard working people are looking forward to spend time with their families, ready for ‘doing nothing’. So there it is. Is ‘doing nothing’ equal to ‘life is better in flip flops’? It seems like whenever I’m wearing flip flops, I don’t have to watch my act, I can be half asleep. Is that it? It would mean people want to flee from whatever is happening in their normal daily life.

It seems like we’ve lost balance. I’m shocked about what is happening with people around me in their jobs and the way their managers (are forced to) act. Of course we all have challenges once in a while, deadlines, presentations, out-of-your-comfort-zone assignments. They make you grow, learn things. But lately I see more and more people with a burn out sitting at home, as their managers put this shit load of work on their shoulders. Even though they’ve told them (which is quite a big step!) they can’t handle it anymore, there seems to be no limit.

In one of my latest blogs I wrote about responsibility. Of course there is an invitation here for those who can’t say no as they have to face the fear of maybe even losing their jobs when doing so. They are challenged to believe in their own strength and to choose what is best for them. But there is also the other side of the story. The responsibility of a manager, to take care of his employees. To show their true leadership and take a stand. In my opinion, a company is nothing but the willingness of it’s employees to work for the same cause. And therefor, if companies keep on going the way they are, they are tearing down their own system.

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE holidays with my family. It is great to spend time together, you can unwind totally, as with your family you can be just you. It grounds you as a family again, brings you back to the essence. You need time to reflect, take a step back in order to see where you are. Holidays are perfect for that. So go out, enjoy, but make sure that when you get back, you create the right balance in daily life, as this will show you you don’t need your flip flops anymore to have a better one.

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