Source: @overlyxclusive
Source: @overlyxclusive

Do you know when it is time? Time to change things in your life? Do you also hear people complaining about their jobs, but at the same time telling you it is fine and they want to stay put as in these times it’s so difficult to find something new? Do you notice the life you are leading is quite comfortable and you hush away the little voice inside of you, telling you you need to change something? Why is it so difficult to make a choice even when you know it has to be done? What are we afraid of? It is postponing the flow to run through you as you block it conscious, or unconsciously.

More and more people start noticing they are not where they should be. They are waking up, looking around and asking themselves where they have to go. They know, as they get all these signs. In another blog I wrote about signs as well. They can be very subtle but can also become bigger and bigger until people can’t escape anymore and have to start listening. And sometimes it is just not yet the time, as crossing a bridge before you get to it is impossible. But make sure you come back whenever you think you can cross it, or at least look it in the eye without running off.

We have a collective fear of letting go. Letting go of what we understand as ok, comfortable, safe. Now why is that? I believe that’s because it requires change. And people don’t like change. Who will follow you when you change? Who will understand where you are heading? You know what, it’s OK. They don’t have to, as it is not their path to follow, but yours. People who love you will stand beside you and watch your life from your point of view. This might even shine new light on their path, or at least inspire them in some way. And if they don’t, that is their choice. But please do watch the signs, and make sure you choose to go left if your heart tells you to, even when others choose right. And don’t be afraid to, as you will always be able to keep up with the other as long as you stand beside them. And of course you don’t have to choose yet, if you don’t feel like it. That is fine too, but do make sure you don’t judge others for being brave enough to follow their heart.

3 thoughts on “Signs”

  1. That is so true and it does seem to me too that a lot more people are awakening and trying to hear the real calling of their heart. And it’s funny how once you’re out of the terrible, boring, unfulfilling and draining work environment that has nothing to do with who you are, you feel shocked and scared. You’re desperately trying to grab another option, any option, just to restore that fake feeling of security. And if circumstances are fortunate and you are lucky enough to have these doors slammed in front of you, then the miracle starts happening 🙂

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