Knowledge versus wisdom

Knowledge vs Wisdom
Source: Maya Angelou

Socrates once said: ‘The more I know, the more I know how ignorant I am‘. Now this is so true. How bizar that we sometimes mix up knowledge with wisdom. Last week I watched this beautiful video about gratitude someone sent to me, and I so fully understand what the man is saying. We made ourselves kings and queens of knowledge. We can take all living things apart, analyze them and know everything about them. But we don’t look at the object itself anymore and see the role of it within the greater part. What about the energy of things? And how that serves us? Julio takes the example of a tree. We know all about trees but don’t have a clue of the energy around it. My husband always used to say I’m ‘hugging trees’ while out here on my own, and he is actually right. We both have a laugh about that. I’m out here to make this contact with nature. Because there’s so much out there we can not scientifically explain. And that wisdom is so much bigger, so huge that it would be naïeve if we’d ever think we would be able to say anything about it.

There is this myth that we would only be using 10 percent of our brain. That’s not true. It’s a misinterpretation of what Einstein once stated. But nobody exactly knows where or what to search for to really find out the true existence of our brain. For all human experiences a reason has to be found, a scientific, explainable reason. Amazing how the longing for that explanation is. And why is that? Because we, as human beings, can’t accept that there is more than what we can see or feel with our five senses? Something so big, the understanding of it goes way beyond our working brain? The first time I felt truly connected to this huge thing we call universe, I felt so small and so extremely humble…Tears were running down my face because I didn’t dare to really feel the hugeness of it all. And somehow, when I managed to let go of the tendency to hold on and just let it come through I could only smile, seeing the immense beauty of it. There was nothing but strength, peace and absolute truth there. But we have to allow ourselves to dare see it, feel it. That scares us. It is simply the fear of not knowing. Now what if we just start with accepting that fear. Just let that fear be. And then, once we get beyond that fear, because you’ll notice it’s not that scary after all, let the greatness of the universe sink in. Knowing we will never be able to put our arms around it. We will never be able to fully understand it all. That it will surprise us over and over again. Then we might find out there’s nothing to be afraid of, on the contrary, it is all here to serve us. That’s where you’ll find wisdom. And of course It is OK for us to want to explore and find out more on the technical side, but don’t start believing it comes even near wisdom. Because wisdom is something you won’t ever find outside, but only inside yourself.

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