Made public!

NorthStarWelcome to my blog. This is my first post, with the intention of many to follow. As I have learned in Alan Seale’s Manifestation Wheel, it is all about being strong in your vulnerability. So I might as well take the stage like that. You can like it or not. That is up to you and both are fine. I believe we all have our specific calling. Mine is, to globally transform organisations in order to create a better, lasting world for our loved ones. To show the world the universe has so much more to bring than what we are most of the time aware of. There are signals on our path all the time and nobody’s path is the same. If we are aware of these signals, we would so much easier dare to go our own way. And that way is never alone, although it might seem that way sometimes. If you take one step at a time, you might be surprised of what or who you will meet. Sometimes this requires courage. Sometimes reflection or compassion. But first of all it requires for you to fully show up. Show up for who you are. Embrace the parts of you you dislike, believe me, everybody has them. And if they tell you not, they are even further away from their truth than you would have thought. Love yourself for it, as your mistakes only show you the way. As a good friend once told me: ‘We were born to be real, not perfect’. To me April is my month of courage. So this is what I will share with you this month. My moments in which I had to be couraegous. And actually this is my first moment. As the launch of this blog is a huge step for me, fully showing up to who I am. Join me if you dare!

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Made public!”

  1. Dear Judy,
    I take a deep bow for you…out of respect for the courage it takes from you to write this blog (I know your fear so well, as it is mine too), out of love for you on a spiritual level. Ànd for the encouragement you give me with your blog to fully show up myself too and make myself be seen in helping companies and people to come to a higher frequency and heart carried vibration. Thank you so much for sharing. With love, Corinne


    1. Thank you so much Corrine. I know we have the same calling, one step at a time, and be aware of what life is asking from you each day. It’s nothing more than that (but so often more than enough ;-). I’m sure you will show your colors to the world soon as well! We keep in touch! With love, Judy


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